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Pottery Painting | Creative Arts Studios Royal Oak Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting

Kids Parties in Royal Oak Michigan


  • Walk in any time, no reservation necessary
  • Looking For Pottery Art Kits To Go? Click Here
  • Each visit, you’ll pay a studio to cover the glazing and firing of your work – $8 for adults and $6 for kids 12 and under
  • Paint mugs, plates, bowls, banks, boxes, and other house ware items for under $25 (not including studio fees)
  • Add the price of the pottery pieces you choose to your studio fee for your total
  • Hundreds of pieces to choose from!
  • Fun and creative atmosphere
  • No experience necessary
  • Helpful staff to guide you through your project
  • Huge selection of glaze colors
  • Finished work is food safe
  • All artwork is fired shiny and smooth
  • Pick your work up one week after you paint, after 4:00 pm
  • BYOB and food welcome
  • Click here for groups of 2 or more

Gallery and Videos

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Learn how to paint ceramics!
Pottery Painting at Creative Arts Studios in Royal Oak
See: https://creativeartsstudios.com/pottery-painting/
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