Pottery Painting

Paint your own pottery:

1. Select your piece of pottery. We have hundreds of shapes from

dinner plates and coffee mugs to picture frames, vases, piggy banks

and jewelry boxes and more. Prices range from $3-$85 depending on the piece.

2. Choose your design and colors. Don’t worry if you consider

yourself “artistically challenged.” We offer expert

instruction and have tons of ideas and design tools to assist you

on your creative adventure. If you can pat a sponge, press a stamp

or trace a stencil, you can make a professional-looking piece of

pottery. We also have “state-of-the-art” pottery and crystal glazes, as well as metallics to create unbelievable looking pieces.

3. Paint away!

We will glaze and fire your masterpiece making it shiny, food-safe

and ready to take home in a week.

All paints are non-toxic and all dinnerware items are food-safe.

Unlike plaster, our earthenware and stoneware pieces are functional,

giving children as well as adults a sense of accomplishment.

Cost: Studio fee + Cost of pottery

Our $8 studio fee is a per person fee that covers the cost of paints,

glazing and firing. The studio fee for children under 12 is $6. These are flat fees per outing not hourly fees.

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