Fun and Easy Pottery Painting Techniques!

7:30am Saturday morning: Wake up to your three kids bounding into your bedroom, mistaking your bed for a trampoline.

8:00: You finally get up, although all senses are murky until the coffee is poured.

8:30: Your brain is awake the kids are ready to be entertained!

8:45-11:00: Coloring books, 9 games of hide and seek, you try to make that homemade playdough you saw on Pinterest, clean up the mess after said playdough experiment, resolve an argument over tv show choices, take away TV privileges, and finally lunch.

11:00: The Creative Arts Studio opens and your day just got a whole lot easier!

11:30: Arrive at the studio and one of our cheerful staff members helps get the whole family started on their projects

11:45: The family is still trying to decide what to paint on their pottery and then you remember this witty blog post on the Creative Arts Studio website that had a bunch of great technique ideas…

Bubble Painting: Ask a staff member to mix up bubbles and then do just like the CAS staff member in the video below!

Marbling: Swirl some paint on a paper plate and then transfer to a flat piece!

Resist: Ask a staff member to print your shape of choice. Apply your the color you’d like your shape to be and then apply your shape cut out of paper by dipping it in water and then placing it on your piece. Paint your background color on top and wait for it to dry. Remove your paper shape to reveal a picture perfect design every time!

Polka Dots: Ask a staff member for our round sponges on a stick or just use the back of a rounded brush.

Image courtesy of Polka Dot Pots

Stencils and Stamps: We have drawers upon drawers of stencils and stamps to use. When stenciling, first trace with a marker (markers disappear during the firing process) and then paint on top. For stamps, paint the stamp, apply it to your pottery, and then add your second and third coats with a brush.

Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Crystal Glazes: Just apply three coats and let the kiln do the work!

Photo courtesy of Dick Blick Art Supplies

3:00: Wow! Three hours flew by because everyone was so engaged and had so much fun. You check out and your family skips back to the car while holding hands!

4:00: The kids are calm now after an afternoon of creative fun. You head to the computer to write detailed 5 star reviews for the Creative Arts Studio on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Google.



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